Sunday, October 6, 2013

My last 2 weeks!

Hey!!!  It's Me, V!

I've had the most eventful last 2 weeks!  
So Far...I've done laundry with my mom a few times....

....played on my mom's bean bag chair....

.....AND....lost my two bottom front teeth!!  Those are my new big dog teeth you see there!!!  I got extra treats under my bed too!  They are falling out left and right now, the treats keep showing up too!!  A puppy could get used to this!

I also found out more information about my work towards being a Therapy Dog, I'm right on track!  My mom has taught me a new trick to add to my bag!  I can SNEAK!  Basically, I crawl across the floor real sneaky like...only for a treat of course !  RUuuuffFFFF!!! 

I got to spend some time with that strange dog outside that looks nothing like me!  After doing some research, I found out that she isn't the different one at all, I AM!  Talk about judging a dog by it's appearance!  Another lesson in the life of a pup I suppose.  Even though she plays too rough still, she's a pretty cool friend!  

 It turns out that I'm not even a "natural" breed of dog, I am a "human made breed."  Yep, you read it, human made!! What does THAT mean??!!  Well, it means that humans breed two different breeds of dog together to get the English Bulldog, and without humans, my breed would exist!  That's a lot to take in for such a young pup!  I can tell you more about that later!

My mom tried to paint my nails, but she only got a few of them!  I'm not sure I care for that stuff, I like to get dirty and make a mess!

  I took SEVERAL road trips, did I mention how much I love riding in the trucks!?!?!  It's my favorite thing!

I spent a lot of time with my family the last few weeks!  Just the way I like it, weekends are my FAVORITE, that's when mom and dad are home and we get to play as a family!  

Well, I'm growing like a weed and will have a mouth full of big dog teeth in no time!  My bottom jaw will start sticking out a little, this is when most dogs might make fun of me :(.  I will go through an awkward "teenager" phase soon.  My body will be too big for my head, then my head will be too big for my body, then my face won't match the size of my ears.  The list goes least I have a loving and caring family and group of friends that accept me for who I am!  The CUTEST bully in the WORLD!!!!

Bark at Ya Later!

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