Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Special Family!

Hey, it's Me, V!

I hope everyone is having a PAWSOME week like me!  My mom bought me a BLUE harness with paw prints with a matching leash!  I love it!  This past week I did a lot of sleeping.  I'm going through a growth spurt and it makes me soooooo sleeeepppy.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz....I've been dreaming of the Canine Tooth Fairy.  I should be getting close to losing some of these baby teeth!  BONES, BONES, BOOOOONESSSSSSS, under my pillow, that's all I dream about!

In the mean time....

I want to tell you a little more about my special family:

My doggy momma, Cannon Ball Lovelace (Cannon)-Nut for toys, give her a toy and she'll chew for days, play fetch with her, and she will run your battery down faster than her own!  No lie, my mom is CRAZY!  She isn't like any other bulldog I've ever known, and so far, I've known 5!
My doggy dad, Howitzer Cannon Lovelace (Howie)-Dad is your standard bulldog, very strong, very lazy.  My dad is still kind of young, so he plays a lot, but when you need him to do something really quick, he does the exact opposite.  He lives outside with my other bulldog friends!
Bouncing Betty Lovelace (BB)-BB is the sweetest bully ever!  She's sweet like a grandma but she's not quite that old yet.  She's never even been a mother!  She lives outside with Howie, Gatty and Elree.
Gatling Gun Lovelace (Gatty)-my human mom calls this one "her Gatty Girl".  She's still a puppy like me, so we play when we see each other!  I wish Gatty could come in the house and play more, but she has a hard time going outside when she needs too.  My parents got her from someone else and I hear them talk all the time about her not being trained right.  That's why she is outside mostly.  Gatty and BB play a lot with each other!
Boomer (I call him Uncle Boomer)-Legend has it, Boomer has been here since FUREVER,...since before all the other dogs in my family!  He was here when I got here, and I hear that he is the "man of the house" when my human dad is gone.  I think that's why he gets to stay inside.

There is one here that looks a lot different from us, Elree, a Siberian Husky.-I have NOT figured this one out yet!  Her tail is different than mine, her nose is different than mine, her coat is different than mine, her eyes are a different color than mine....AHHHHHH!!!  Why is she so, DIFFERENT??  None of my friends here look like her.  Her tail shakes back and forth really fast, and she sticks that nose of hers ALL OVER ME!  WHAT IS THIS THING!?!?!

I don't know, but I've got to find out quick!  I'm going on an adventure!!!  I hope to return with the answers to my question....WHY IS SHE SO DIFFERENT???

Bark at ya later,

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